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Quality And Value Matter

As an Arizona owned and operated business, we know there are three non-negotiables when it comes to making a shed that lasts:

1. Skilled Craftsmen


Quality always starts with people. As a family-run business, we take a direct and personal interest in making sure the craftsmen who work on your shed are trained, conscientious, and exacting. We know skill, experience, and pride of workmanship always translates to a better-built shed. We check and re-check the work to make sure every shed we build is one we’d be proud to have for our own.

2. Best Practice Techniques

We settle for nothing less than high grade and stand behind it

Along with employing skilled people, making a better shed means we used industry best practices when it comes to construction techniques. These are methods and processes that, over time, have proven to result in a stronger, more secure and more durable building. A shed built with less attention to construction details may look the same as one of ours on the surface, but won’t hold up as well over the long haul.

3. Top Quality Materials

we’ve looked at every aspect of shed construction: lumber grade, floor strength, fasteners used, and roofing.

We’ve looked at every aspect of shed construction and we’ve learned what makes the difference. It matters what grade of lumber is used; what sort of fasteners or what quality of roofing materials. There are places where only a top quality pressure-treated wood or a ¾’’ Advantech subfloor will do. And we’ll settle for nothing less.

7 Things About Quality You Should Know

The Differences That Matter

We think every shed built for use in Arizona should meet the standards that ours do. A less expensive shed may look the same on the surface, but when you learn what to look for, you’ll know the differences that matter.

What is Quality?

Materials + Workmanship +
Quality Control

1. Materials

Higher quality material will have longer and better warranties from the material manufacturer. Ask about the material manufacturer’s warranty. Even better, ask if documentation for the warranty is available — especially for the most critical components of the building: the sub-floor, the siding and the roof.

2. Workmanship

To assess any company’s workmanship standards, start with their warranty. The warranty reflects how willing the manufacturer is to stand behind the workmanship.

One quality test you can easily do yourself is this: walk into the shed and shut the door. Do you see light coming through where it shouldn’t? The amount of light coming in through cracks can indicate poor workmanship, may affect long term performance of the building.

3. Quality Control

Manufacturers committed to delivering the best product to their customers will have a formal inspection process and should be able to provide quality control documentation for the shed you are considering.

Why Urban Shed Concepts?

Our commitment to quality and service
runs deep in our DNA

A Family Run Local Business

We are your neighbors who are committed to serving the needs of our local community. 

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Our Sheds Withstand Arizona Climate

Sunshine. Heat. Termites. This great state of ours can be hard on a shed. Everything about our sheds-materials, floor structure ventilation-is designed with the Arizona climate in mind.

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Exceptional Customer Service

We make it easy on you at every step of the process-easy access; easy ordering; hassle-free delivery and set-up, and consistent communication.

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We offer Warranties & Guarantees

We want to ensure our customers have complete peace of mind when purchasing our products.

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A Team of Skilled Craftsmen

We know skill, experience, and pride of workmanship always translates to a better-built shed. We check and re-check the work to make sure every shed we built is one we’d be proud to have for our own.

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Free Delivery & Set-Up

As with every other step in the process, we’ve made delivery and set-up of your new shed as hassle-free as possible. Delivery and set-up is free within 35 miles of our shop, and we take care of all the details.

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We Stand Behind Our Work

We’ve created a product we are proud of, which is why all our sheds have a 7 year Top-To-Bottom Warranty.

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