Shed Buying, Simplified

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We offer 3 ways to design or buy your backyard shed

Most Customizable

Fully Custom

Select all your details
Choose a Specific Size
Good for HOA restrictions
Delivery based on design

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Most Popular

Semi Custom 

Select from 7 sizes
Choose Your Paint Colors
Select windows & doors
Delivered in 7 days
Free Interior Workbench
Free Interior Solar Vent
Free Delivery within 35-miles
Quickest Solution


Select a Pre-Built Option
Choose off our lot
Fast storage solution
Delivered ASAP

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We build what you design in our warehouse

Quality Built

Quality is not just a buzz word for us, it is what we are experts in.

Hassle-Free Delivery & Set-Up

We completely handle the delivery for you

Shed is Delivered Straight to Your Home

We deliver your shed for free within a 35-mile radius.*

Delivery team may ask to come out and view preferred delivery location

How is Delivery Method Determined?

Our delivery team is really good at what they do and will determine a quick delivery & install solution.

We Place Your Shed in Desired Location

We have specialized equipment that allows us to get your shed EXACTLY where you want it.

We work with you to schedule a delivery date for your shed

Delivery Cost & Methods

Our friendly team can provide you with a better understanding of your delivery needs.

*Delivery Cost

Our delivery cost is included if you are within 35 miles of our shop and the shed is 16 ft or shorter.  We charge $4/mile for every mile past 35 miles.   If not, you pay the difference of cost for the miles and size of crane.

Standard Shed Delivery

If your property has relatively open access, meaning an RV gate or no wall at all, the standard delivery option is used. The shed is built at our shop and delivered fully assembled and ready for you to use after the installation. A single installer can usually have your shed set up in about an hour.

Site Builds

If access to your yard is limited to a walk-in gate, a ‘site build’ is needed. This requires enough space in your yard for 1 or 2 installers to deliver pre-built sections and assemble them on-site. This typically is done in a day or less.

Crane Installations

When access is limited so that other options are not feasible, a crane is used. For crane installations, the shed is built at our shop, then delivered to your location on a trailer. A crane lifts
the finished shed and sets it into position in your backyard. The crane rental is an additional charge, with the cost of the crane.

Worried About Payment?

We offer Financing and Rent-To-Own

We Stand Behind Our Work

We’ve created a product we are proud of, which is why all our sheds have a 7 year Top-To-Bottom Warranty.