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Our Family Business

When we began Urban Shed Concepts, we knew that beginning a business while raising a growing family was a risky thing. We knew it would take commitment, and a lot of hard work. But we also believed we could deliver a product that our family would be proud of, and that customers would place a high value in. We’ve put everything we have into the effort, and we’re very gratified by the positive feedback of thousands of Arizona customers over the years.  -Bob and Rachel Oxley 

The Oxley Family

Our Humble Beginnings

The year we turned our dream into a reality. Bob designed and built what we thought would be the smallest shed and the largest shed. With just two guys, we went to work, knowing that starting a business while raising a growing family would be a risky thing. But we believed that we could deliver a product that our family would be proud of and that customers would appreciate.

Our First Load of Lumber

One Year Later

We sold our first shed on January 1st, and it was a momentous occasion for us. By the spring of that year, we had already outgrown our first location and moved into a larger warehouse by late summer. We were thrilled to see that our hard work was paying off and our business was growing rapidly.

Our First Delivery

Bigger Location Needed

We opened up our 15th retail location in the state of Arizona and moved to our current, even bigger location. We were proud to be a locally owned and operated business that could provide jobs and contribute to the local economy.

Our Bigger Warehouse

Online Growth

Started transitioning to online sales in the winter, recognizing that many customers preferred the convenience of shopping online. We were committed to making the transition seamless and hassle-free, and we received positive feedback from our customers.

Transition to Online Shopping Began

Continuing to Serve Arizona

Moved 100% to online sales, committing ourselves to delivering a hassle-free shed shopping and delivery experience to our customers. We’re proud to build sheds specifically designed for the Arizona climate, using high-quality materials and the latest construction techniques. As a locally owned and operated business, we’re deeply committed to our community, and we’re grateful for the positive feedback we’ve received from thousands of customers over the years.

We are continuing to server our quality built sheds to Arizona locals!

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